Rebirth of the Truck Gun?

As a kid growing up in the Midwest in the 1970’s, it was not that uncommon to see gun racks in the back of a pickup truck…usually loaded with a shotgun.  During deer season, there were more than a couple of pickup trucks in my high school parking lot that had a shotgun or rifle in them for after school hunting.  As times progressed (and laws were passed), this became nothing more than a memory.

However, it appears as if the truck gun is making a comeback.  Today’s survivalist / prepper influenced society has more people than ever preparing for a variety of disasters or emergencies, and weapons are a part of that.  I’m not going to go into what constitutes a good truck gun because there are a plethora of factors that can influence that highly personal decision (laws, cost, reliability, accuracy, etc…).

The point of this post is to address how the weapon is stored in the vehicle, especially a pickup truck which doesn’t have a trunk.  Before I continue, let me clarify that I believe a truck gun is a rifle or shotgun kept in a vehicle for defense, varmint removal, or hunting.  

A handgun is easily secured in a vehicle with the purchase of a vehicle safe…long guns are a different matter.  Unless you are taking the truck gun out of your vehicle every time you get out of it, securing a long gun is a matter of concern and your options are fairly limited.  Depending upon what type of long gun you have, your choices are limited to police style locks, recreational (non-locking) mounts, or a chain and padlock.  Simply hiding your gun doesn’t cut it in today’s society…it needs to be locked.

The problem with this is that a traditional lever action rifle makes an excellent truck gun but options to lock the gun to the vehicle are limited; even more so if you switch between different types of firearms.

Minute Men Gun Racks, LLC ( has possibly solved this problem.  Their Rifle/Shotgun Racks can be had for an affordable price, come with keyed or keyless padlocks, and can be keyed the same if you order more than one at a time.  The mounting hardware does not include any method for mounting it to a vehicle, but this is readily solved with some nuts, washers, bolts, and a willingness to drill a few holes in your vehicle.  They appear to work on any long gun but work especially well with a lever action rifle by securing it in such a way the action can not be cycled while keeping the action closed to prevent the entry of debris.

It took about 15 minutes to install one of these in my truck, most of which was figuring out where  I wanted to mount it and making sure that when I drilled through the sheet metal I wasn’t going to hit anything.  While the mounting method won’t prevent a determined criminal from getting to the gun, it will deter the spur of the moment type.

No, I am not affiliated with Minute Men Gun Locks LLC; I am just a satisfied customer.

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